Supporting Ethical Business Growth, Resilience & Sustainability

Ethics 360 International Private Limited is a Zimbabwean company registered in August 2021. It is the only company in Zimbabwe licensed by the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) to lead and support private sector investment in business integrity.

Its work seeks to ignite companies to strengthen their compliance measures as a means to mitigate corruption and encourage ethical enterprise. This will be done in tandem with CIPE’s three core values: respect, integrity and excellence that drive its vision of a world where democracy delivers the freedom and opportunity for all to prosper.  

Business integrity is at the heart of efforts to re-build, having seen first-hand the pervasive effects of corruption. Business leaders have a mandate to ensure that companies can operate ethically to combat internal fraud as well as prevent the occurrence and extent of corruption by seeking to significantly reduce its risk and exposure.

As a member of the Africa Business Integrity Network, Ethics 360 is well positioned to offer seasoned solutions that take account of the nuances of the African context thus ensuring real and practical solutions to businesses that want to operate ethically and ensure sustainable growth. Knowledge sharing across the breath of Africa will promote the infusion of new ideas, resources and opportunities that our clients will be able to benefit directly from.  

Covid-19 wreaked havoc across the globe and Zimbabwe was not spared from the ravages of the pandemic. Apart from the toll it took on human life, it exposed fundamental fault lines of corruption in the health sector among other sectors and the devastating effect this has on human mortality and the quality of life. Whilst corruption has been an issue in Africa and Zimbabwe in particular, the world now has a heightened appreciation of the threat it poses to human life when no re-investment in health and other social services is given priority. The post-Covid-19 era is a time of building back, and more importantly, building back better.  


Our Vision

To contribute to the development of a prosperous Zimbabwe where citizens a decent and respectable life.  

Our Mission

To create a platform where business integrity is the heart of excellence and business sustainability.  

Our Values

  • Integrity 
  • Professionalism 
  • Excellence 
  • Equity 


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